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We are team of highly experienced UX/UI designers. We work directly with startups, product owners and dev houses. Agile, fast, motivated, hourly billed.

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“The only way to do great job is to love what you do.”

// Steve Jobs

Piret Reinson

Brand Strategist

“Kaupo is both business-oriented and fun to work with which is such a happy combination. With his down-to-earth attitude and immense knowledge of web development and web design he makes the best partner you can dream of. Besides, he doesn't keep his knowledge to himself but shares everything with a partner. I've become so much more confident in handling every aspect of my webpage."

Matthias Vutt

Head of Marketing

Astri Group

“Kaupo is a trustworthy partner who is gifted with ability of listening and co-thinking. It doesn't matter whether you are  worried about the "digital packaging" of your product or service, or seek for possibility to add something to a working system to make it work even better. Kaupo is probably Estonia's one of the best systematic UI / UX thinkers to talk to. He listens, thinks, tries to understand your business logic (and probably does) and makes suggestions on the basis of his experience, supporting those with convincing arguments. Strong ★★★★★ recommendation."

Moonika Tuhkanen

Head of Omniva e-channels

“Our co-operation has been going through different projects within a relatively short period of time but every moment has been very positive and enjoyable. I appreciate Kaupo's ability to focus on the solution. In addition, he doesn't lack courage – courage to offer a completely new approach, linking it to the existing and bulletproof approaches, that enables to obtain a fresh result.  I feel confident to ask his advice and help, and recommend You to do the same.“